Cool/interesting places to go for a date with an escort in London

escort in London

You’ve spent some time glancing through websites and have spotted a girl you’d like to go out with. But you find traditional dating dull or would like to try something new. We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting date spots for couples in London.

Rowans of Finsbury Park

First dates even with an escort, you’ve paid to accompany you, can be intimidating. There are few things as relaxing as going to Rowans retro bar and bowling alley. It’s decor and interior are reminiscent of a 50s themed and it has a ice cream parlor. The retro feel is further enhanced by the presence of old-style arcade games and a DJ, who plays music from the 90s. There are giant overhead sport screens, pool tables and different bars, that serve guest beers from around the world. Rowans isn’t as romantic as some other spots in London, but with so many things to do, you can be sure that there will be no awkward silences during your date with an a level escort.

The Four Quarters

The Four Quarters is a retro arcade game bar. If you ever played any games when you were younger, you’ll definitely find something that you enjoy here. Some titles available include: the original Space Invaders, Pacman, Galaxian, Street Fighter, Asteroids, the Star Wars Trilogy, Defender and Space Invaders. In addition to old games, they play 90s rock on Fridays, funk and soul on the weekends and electro-dance on other days. The bar boasts more than 20 Belgian beers, 50 whiskies from around the world and local craft beers. This is a perfect place for a date with an escort.

Horse riding in Hyde Park

They are open from 7:30 am to 6 pm, all year round. If you have an early date, you might enjoy going here. Sometimes, you want to take an early start.

Go on a gin tour

Who doesn’t love gin? Gin has been around for at least 800 years. The Gin Journey provides a history of gin while serving delicious cocktails and samples of gin. As they sip on their drinks, guests are led by carriage to world-class cocktail bars and distilleries.

The View from The Shard Observatory

The Shard is currently Western Europe’s tallest building and London’s newest landmark. The observatory is located on levels 68 to 72, of the Shard building. At an elevation of approximately 244m, it offers spectacular views of London in a 40-mile radius. They offer a Night and Day package. Visitors can come and enjoy the view during the day, then come back and enjoy the same view, bathed by the city’s lights.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency

If you’re dating an escort, you definitely know a thing or two about role-playing. Evans and Peel is a 1920s-themed speakeasy. The food and drinks are reminiscent of America in the 1920s during Prohibition. In keeping with the noir theme, the interior is dimly lit and beers are served in brown, paper bags. You could go as Dick Tracy and your companion or the “skirt” you’re dating, could play the role of a femme fatale who needs a “dick” or detective’s help. Entry requires advance booking. The staff take their roles very seriously. To make a reservation you must submit a case, which the detective(doorman) will interrogate you about on arrival. If you pass the interrogation, you will be led through a door behind a bookcase into the candlelit bar.

Swing dancing at Bethnal Green

In keeping with the 1920s theme, there is a collegiate shag dance held every Friday at Bethnal Green. Back in the 90s and 2000s, Salsa dancing was all the rage. Swing dancing is the new trend and there isn’t a better way to jump on the bandwagon than an evening at the Shag Pile. This is a perfect place to soothe your worries with a level escorts.

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