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Welcome to my little place on the web. My name is Margaux, your glamorous and sophisticated, down to earth companion.
One of my favourite things in life is meeting new people and enjoying new perspectives. In this adventure, I seek to engage with refined gentlemen who value respect, integrity and who know that pleasure is never guilty! We all need a little TLC and tenderness on occasion, so what I offer is a little escape to heaven, which is achieved only through great care and attention. It is truly invigorating to leave all the stress and troubles of life behind for a while. My individual companionship approach is best suited to those seeking an all-encompassing experience.
Standing at just over 5’9″, I am a tall and well proportioned young woman, boasting sparkling eyes, long silky brunette hair and a perfectly toned body. I am often complimented on my warm smile and beautifully soft skin. Watch out, I can be addictive!
I lead a very healthy lifestyle and take great care of myself through yoga, personal training sessions and of course pampering. Whether in jeans or a cocktail dress, I always like to look my best, so I am extremely vigilant in how I present myself both in public and during my encounters as a companion. I strive to maintain impeccable grooming and couture to ensure I am always looking my most radiant and hope to inspire you with my presence.
I have a sophisticated and refined manner, am well spoken and enjoy maintaining and indulging in a high fashion wardrobe. I like to complement outfits with a pair of exquisite shoes from my much adored collection of heels, and a striking outfit would not be complete without a set of elegant, designer lingerie. I also feel very comfortable relaxing at the weekend in jeans, in my bikini by the pool, or by an open fire wearing my silky sleepwear.
On an intellectual level, I am a well-educated university graduate. I enjoy engaging in intellectual and stimulating conversation on a diverse range of subjects. I love travel and love to share my experiences with like-minded people. My other interests include personal fitness, fine dining, theatre, socialising, and modeling. My life is fast paced and exhilarating, and I am one for exploring and discovering all there is to be experienced.


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