Miss Anna Alba

Classy ginger companion for your unforgettable getaways in Barcelona

Miss Anna Alba

Full Description

I am a petite and delicate girl. One of those perfumes that are stored in a small bottle. My skin is soft and pale, dotted with little freckles that intensify with the good weather, giving me a childish and naughty look. I am a natural redhead, and my hair is curly and above the shoulders. I like to wear it natural, and to let it in a mess while I make love. I have big light green eyes, which can either look at you with innocence or with the intensity of a panther. I smile a lot, I like to laugh and, as I love what I do, my nature is relaxed and natural.
I have university studies, a professional career escort that I am passionate about that I combine with my life, and I like to think i’m a cultivated girl. I read a lot, I am interested in the world around me, I like to be seduced with the mind and to fall in love around a good table. Although because of my figure it’s hard to guess, I am passionate about gastronomy, something for which Barcelona is the ideal city. For me there is no better dates than the ones that start in a fine restaurant.
I have always been very free regarding sex. I can’t understand it otherwise. With my lovers I like to get carried away, without too much planning that can restrict our encounter. I like to kiss, I like to caress, I like to lick … I appreciate the generosity of my lover, and I consider myself an adventurous playmate with very few taboos. I enjoy the diversity of sex and I learn with every man who shares my bed.
I devote myself in each new meeting, and consider a privilege that there are people who, without knowing me, are willing to give me a piece of themselves. It is the best gift anyone can give.
Although I don’t tour a lot because of my professional career, I regularly travel to NYC and other major European cities. Please, write me to annaalbabcn@gmail.comto have more information about my upcoming trips or about how you can fly me to you.
I speak fluent Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Portuguese.


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