Visit – 19-25, August – London

Refined Redhead

Visit - 19-25, August - London

Full Description

Greet : welcome

I am so pleased you have found your way to me! It is to our mutual great fortune that you are here, be your arrival intentional or thanks to delightful happenstance.

We are on both sides of a threshold able to start a most unique and exhilarating journey together. I am ready to lead us. Give me your hand and take your first step, to me.

Kiss me,

NYC ~ London

MEET :a sincere affectionate woman

You would expect me to fill this page with almost useless notes about my life. I will not. All those subjects are better left to conversations in person. Instead, I’m going to share with you the most important thing for you to know about me. I love to smile. I live to have you smile.

Each day is a joy with unlimited moments of pleasure abound for the taking, ready to be savored. You will feel this when we are together. It is so wonderfully disarming that you won’t be able to help but revel with me. Your very own Kate Jacobs Experience will leave you smiling for days, feeling on top of the world.

Know me…
…Become enchanted

Anticipate : contact

You’ve done your research. You’ve gotten excited! You’re ready to anticipate Your Date With Kate! If this is the first time you’re contacting me, simply fill out the form below (not viewable on mobile site) and send it off. You may also choose to initially contact me via P411. If we have met already, then simply send me an email with the date and time of your choosing.

I keep my availability clearly listed on my calendar. Please feel free to click on the link and see if our schedules are compatible.

Give : companionship fees
One and a Half Hour Introduction 1,000
Two Hour Tryst 1,500
Three Hour Cocktail Date 2,000
Up to Six hour Dinner Date 3,000
Overnight Email me
Luxurious Overnight Email me
Days with Kate Email me

Please take a few moments to carefully consider my Terms of Engagement. You will find general time allowances for the longer engagements here as well as my calendar and traveling information.


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